About Lazy Afternoon


“Sparkling Country spiced with Tex-Mex, Cajun and Rock’n’roll”Swedish Lazy Afternoon delivers catchy Americana, a pot of influences from Country, Cajun, Tex-Mex, Rock music and Irish folk music. A live experience that offers great musical craftsmanship, as well as joyful playing. The sound is created by an unusual instrumentation, including accordion and Irish bouzouki. Add a bandleader who love to mix genres to find the best groove, and you have captured the genuine quality that characterizes Lazy Afternoon.

A musical life journey creates the sound

Bo till AnnaThe band’s founder and songwriter Bo Ahlbertz is a wellknown profile in the musical community on Gotland. It is his ”musical life journey” through different genres that has formed Lazy Afternoon´s style. Starting off as a rock bass player in his youth Ahlbertz soon moved on and developed his musical skills in groups inspired by Scottish and Irish folkmusic (Westerness and Patrask). Lately he has also evolved a growing interest in Americana, in particular Texas Country and Cajun.

Or as he puts it: “I have picked the feeling from Country, the sound from Tex-Mex, the sense of freedom from Irish folk music, the swing from Cajun and some attitude from Rock music.”

The band’s composition has evolved organically over the last two years. Jörgen Ahlqvist contributes with an accordion playing rich of nuances and guitarist André Kristiansson with perfect country licks. All members are experienced live musicians. Bo Ahlbertz himself toured frequently on the club circuit and festival scenes during the 80´s and 90´s.

Line up:
Bo Ahlbertz – vocals (lead) and Irish bouzouki
Jörgen Ahlqvist – accordion and melodeons
Pontus Nordborg – electric and slide guitars
Stefan Magnusson – bass and vocals (harmonies)
Cristina Säfsten – vocals (lead) and accoustic guitar
Mattias Svensson – drums and cajon

Influences: Texas Tornados, The Band, Little Feat, Ronnie Lane, Willie Nelson among others

Releases: The singles “Any Road”, “As Time is Passing”, “Before you fall asleep”, “Goodbye” and “Viva La Quinta Brigada”  (2015, Artache)
CD-Album Whatever! (May 2016, Artache)
Vinyl Album Whatever! (Oct 2016, Artache)

Former members:
Jeff Lindqvist – mandoline
Lars Krutof – dobro
André Kristiansson – electric guitars