Almost Home – second studio album soon out

Gotlandic Lazy Afternoon plays lovely rocking americana. The band is now releasing its 2nd studio album “Almost Home”. The band has changed some since the last album.

A new very appreciated female singer and another woman on percussion and harmonies. Further has a new drummer and a new bassplayer joined the band

The album includes great songs, great harmony singing, howling electric guitar and hot, rytmic accordeon. And of course the irish bouzouki. All in all, this creates Lazy afternoon and a grove that makes it hard to sit still.

On May 3, the album is released on Paraply Recorsd and distributed via Border Music. In addition, the band celebrates the release with a gig at Wisby Hof, Visby, Gotland at 19.00 the same evening.

Bo Ahlbertz – song and irish bouzouki.
Cristina Säfsten – song and acoustic guitar.
Jörgen Ahlqvist – melodeons, accordions
Lars Johansson – bass
Maria Nordseth – percussion and harmonies
Pontus Nordborg – electric guitar and harmonies
Stefan Magnusson – drums and harmonies

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