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“Sparkling Country spiced with Tex-Mex, Cajun and Rock’n’roll”

Gotlandic Lazy Afternoon plays lovely rocking americana. The band gives you lovely songs, great harmony singing, howling electric guitar and hot, rytmic accordeon. And so the Irish bouzoukin of course. All in all, this creates Lazy afternoon and the sound and music that makes it hard to sit still.


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Lazy Afternoon – Almost Home

Bo till Anna

It began as a solo project for Bo Ahlbertz with mostly co-written songs. The album was named Lazy Afternoon. To perform the songs, a band with the same as the album name was put together. Stefan was on the bass from the start. Band members came and went and sometime at the turn of 2014/2015 we took a decision to record a bunch of songs. Stefan (bass and harmonies), Jörgen (melodeons), André (guitars and harmonies), Mattias (drums) and I (vocals and bouzouki). Five of them were released as singles during the year and around the next year we recorded the rest. Now Pontus came in on guitar instead of André, who had moved to Stockholm. We released the album in the spring of 2016 and called it “Whatever!” A bit awkward and cocky: “We play this music whatever you say”.

In the summer of 2016, Cristina (song and guitar) joined the band and then we put over several songs on her to sing and also some duets.

2017 we got Maria (choir and percussion) too. Now we had enough strong singers to create lovely harmonies, two really talented soloists on melodeon and guitar and a solid rhythm section and good songwriters. We released a sample of what was to come in the spring of 2018. A two songs single that gave fine reviews.

Shortly before we recorded the rest of the album in the fall of 2018, we lost our drummer. Said and done, Stefan had to change the bass to the drums and Lars came in on bass.

When we now release our second studio album with studio engineer Anders, we have got Peter as marketing and promoting. In addition, we have had Ancha who designed two albums now and all singles.

The album is released on the Paraply record, which released the latest Mikael Ramel album and the distribution is handled by Border Music. Now we are : Almost Home.

/ Bo Ahlbertz

Line up:
Bo Ahlbertz – vocals (lead) and Irish bouzouki
Cristina Säfsten – vocals (lead) and accoustic guitar
Jörgen Ahlqvist – accordion and melodeons
Lars Johansson – bass
Pontus Nordborg – electric guitar and harmonies
Stefan Magnusson – drums and harmonies

Releases: The singles “Any Road”, “As Time is Passing”, “Before you fall asleep”, “Goodbye” and “Viva La Quinta Brigada”  (2015, Artache)
CD-Album Whatever! (May 2016, Artache)
Vinyl Album Whatever! (Oct 2016, Artache)
CD-Album “Almost Home” (May 2019, Paraply/Artache)

Former members:
Jeff Lindqvist – mandoline
Lars Krutof – dobro
André Kristiansson – electric guitars
Mattias Svensson – drums
Maria Nordseth – percussions and harmonies

Beloved guests on stage:
Peter Tomsson – accordion and melodeons
Jonas Ahlström – drums
Bie Karlsson – electric guitar
Sten Flader – electric guitar

Guests and workpartners:
Sofia Lilja – backing vocals on Whatever!
Christian Hoy – Backin vocals on Whatever!
Anders Nordh – backing vocals on As Time Is Passing Bye and also studioenginering and mastering in general.
Ancha Ahlbertz for all artwork.


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