Bo Ahlbertz – Bouzouki, Banjo & Vocals

Who are you?
I am Bo Ahlbertz, born back in the fifties. Three grown up kids and one grandson. I’m living in Visby with my wife and her kid (my bonus kid). I work for the Musicians Union in Sweden and I have been playing music for several decades.

How come that you started playing the bouzouki?
I was very inspired of the irish musicians Johny Moinahan and Donal Lunny and when I found out that there was flat-bottomed bouzoukis (Irish bouzoukis ) I ordered one from a swedish builder. Mine is 10 stringed (Double stringed) 

with an extra long neck.

Any interesting artists or musicians you have met ?
I worked with Flaco Jimenez in Scandinavia and also Per and Christina Wiksten (Wannadies)

Do you play any other instruments ?
I do play the acoustic guitar and trying to handle autoharp, 5 stringed banjo and mandoline.

What music has inspired you over the years?
Most and over all Ronnie Lane. Then several Irish bands and musicians. Also some americand bands as The Band, Little Feet, Texas Tornados and all that old jazz.

What is it about the music that inspired you?
I don’t know honestly but it just have to be done. Maybe the cooperation when playing with other musicians

What kind of music are you listening to at any time for yourself today?
Still a lot of irish and scottish, cajun, reggae, country. And our own of course. For me it’s a way of living.

What do you like to do when you are not playing with Lazy Afternoon?
Home with my family, travel, gaming, meet people. I also like to do CO-writing. It is so interesting, inspiring and fun. The process is as important as the result

You have been to a jam session with the famous TexMex accordion player ”Flaco” Jimenez. How did that happen?
It was like this: I was his agent in Scandinavia for a european tour and when there was a day of he wanted to have a jam session so we arranged one with Bosse Skoglund and some other guys and I was there with my bouzouki.

What have your musical journey been like, up to where you are today? 
From playing in different kind of bands and my solo career In the end of the 70’s, I joined a folk band playing irish and scottish music and toured for ten years mostly in Sweden and Denmark. In the 90’s I was in Patrask doing both big festivals and small venues. Then came a period of honing the writing skills and started to CO-write a lot. I’ve released a solo album 2013 and the name of album became the name for the band Lazy Afternoon.