Cristina Säfsten – Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

Who are you?
I am an art loving theology student

How come that you started playing the guitar?
I wanted to sing to myself for myself in my teenage time and i use it today as then – mainly as harmonic background.

Any interesting artists or musicians you have met ?
I love artists that dare to challenge ethical aspects of being a human

What other instruments do you play ?
I play the flute, piano, accordion

What music has inspired you over the years?
Though one, it has changed over the years, from gregorain singing to electronic music and folk music – to pick one – last time i felt deeply inspired was listening to Malmö rainbow choir singing “Book of love” during a Christian sunday mass.

What is it about the music that inspired you?
the time and place and relevance that transforms listeners and musicians.

What kind of music are you listening to at any time for yourself today?
Kirtan music

What do you like to do when you are not playing with Lazy Afternoon?
I’m studying for a masters degree in theology, lead choirs and sing classical music.

Beside Lazy Afternoon you also leads choirs. Tell us more about that.
I conduct choirs and they conduct me, i give them music into a shape that they can sing and they teach me about life. Singing together, both developing qualities of music and just make sounds and being together is fun and providing relevant repertoire is even more fun, and changes the world at the same time.

What have your musical journey been like, up to where you are today?
To me – it has went from studying classical music at academic level for years to feel more and more for the amateurs scene – and finding my true joy in music in that way. I always want to learn new instruments and play togehter, i’ve done my years inside closed practise rooms. To me is the perfect mix to work with both proffesionals (like Lazy afternoon) and amateurs and covering a wide spectrum of genres and let them influence each other.

Anything else ?
Many years ago Dolly Parton opened the doors to country for me – and now its up to you to let our Americana open the doors of yours.