Whatever! Lyrics

1.Searching For Gold (B. Ahlbertz - K. Donner) 

Was on the right side of the bed, But on the wrong side of the road. 
Voices in my head were doubting all that I’d been told. 
All my dreams of making it had been both bought and sold. 
Still everyday I searched for gold, Searching for gold

Every day I’d wake up seeing, What I thought was one more sign. 
Everyday believing that success would soon be mine. 
Every time I fell down I would  just get up and climb.
Never stopped my search for gold, Searching for gold

Searching for gold is one thing.
And working hard is okay. 
But when you’re trying to get ahead. 
Don’t forget what mamma said.
Smell a rose along the way. 

It took me some time to learn, The goal was not the thing.
When everyday I got the chance to play guitar and sing. 
Don’t miss out the rewards that the journey has to bring. 
Have fun while you search for gold, Searching for gold. 

Searching for gold…

mmm mmm Search for Gold
mmm mmmSearch for Gold

When the right side of the bed looks, Like the wrong side of the road. 
Don’t listen to those voices and the things you’re being told. 
Know everyday in every way your future will unfold. 
And just enjoy your search for gold,  searching for gold.

Searching for gold…

2. Any Road (B. Jespersson - B. Ahlbertz)

Sometimes there is a big deal in your life
To open your front door and step outside
Once you have done it your OK
The adventure will not be far away

You can go down any road
You can pick up any trail
You can decide just to sit there in the sun
That’s OK that’s OK

You will never know unless you try
And get out and look up at the sky
You wont be following a star
From inside your house or in your car

But sometimes in between those trees of green
Or looking out across the ocean blue
You just might come across a dream
That’s been sleeping deep inside of you
You can go….

Don’t be conserned with what they say
Let your heart show you the way
Just try to make things better day by day
You can go… 2 ggr

3. Shelter Me (M. Svensson)

I have been so lonely
Mother could not see
Now that I have found you
Will you shelter me

I was never strong like 
My father thought I’d be
I find strength in you now
Will you shelter me

Shelter me,
shelter me
Even if it’s make believe
Will you shelter me ?

Will you bring me water
When I’m in need
If I close my eyes and pray
Will you shelter me

And when this night is over
As it will be
Will you let me lay by you
Will you shelter me
Shelter me….

I have been so lonely
Mother could not see
Now that I have found you
Will you shelter me

And when you see the sun shine
Under a white oak tree
I will rest my weary head
If you shelter me
Shelter me….
If you shelter me
So won’t you shelter me

4. Before You Fall Asleep (B. Ahlbertz - S. Ekberg)

Why do I have to go to school everyday 
I dont want to read and write, I would rather play
I wish that we could go down to the sea
Why do you have to leave me just to go to work
Why do we have to save all the money you earn
I wish we could take a day just you and me

pre chorus:
Papa why did you have to loose the love you’ve found
Why do I have to miss my mum so much the time when she is not around

All of this questions at night
and often no answer in sight
talk to you softly before you fall asleep 
All of that worries at night
But I will stay by your side
Hold my hand and let it slip away 

Why don’t all people talk exactly like me
Why are some people locked up but others are free
there’s a lot of people not even aloud to talk 
Why are there some people who dont have any friends
Why are there some children so compleatly different
Some can’t see and others cannot walk 

Papa why did you…
All of this questions at night…