Stefan Magnusson – Bass & Vocals

Who are you?
I am a single, middle-aged man who lives in a small cottage 20 km outside the town of Visby with my two cats.

How come that you started playing the bass?
I’ve always been interested in what makes music swing, so I started playing drums. Rhythm has always been “my thing”. After that I wanted to find out what bass players do to accomplish that which makes people find it difficult to sit still. And it helps me to stay out of treble. ?

Any interesting artists or musicians you have met?  
I have met and played with some of the best in Jazz music which was my turf about 20 years ago, both Swedish and foreign. I have also met some of the top people on the Swedish rock scene. No name-dropping though

Any other instruments that you play ?
I play also some guitar, keyboard and I sing. Also I play some folk instruments like    mandolin,bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy, and some flutes.
What music has inspired you over the years?
I started in the early 70’s by playing rock ‘n’ roll, then on to punk rock, Jazz and  Swedish folk music. Now I’m in country music and Tex-mex styles.
What is it about the music that inspired you?
I want to make people feel something and music is my way of communication.

What kind of music are you listening to at any time for yourself today?
My record collection consists mostly of Jazz and AOR.

What do you like to do when you are not playing with Lazy Afternoon?
I like to chill with my friends and maybe play some other kind of music or do some handcrafting.

They told me that you have was in one of the first Punk band in Värmland (county)?
Yes, I played in a band called “Nattarbete” (night shift). We had some gigs and a lot of fun. We split up in 1981 and the others started two new bands “Hollywood Indians” and “All that Jazz”. I started to play Jazz instead.

What have your musical journey been like, up to where you are today?
Music has always been the most important thing in my life and it is also my job. Since 1993 I have worked as a music teacher.